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#OWS Zuccotti Park Cleanup 10/14/11

The first (but not last) attempt to clean out #OWS headquarters at Zuccotti Park in New York City. The day began with thousands of people marching into the square with intentions of defending it against the NYPD. But, the day would end with celebrations as Major [sic] Bloomberg called back the order.

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#OWS #N17 Rally in NYC

From 11/17/11

A pushing match with police in Zuccotti ends with the protestors reclaiming the park in which they call home. Protestors rip down barricades and dance upon the crumbled masses to the beat of drums and sounds of song.

The protestors first point of action in their return to Zuccotti Park was to disassemble the police barricades that separated them from their home.

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