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#OWS Zuccotti Park Cleanup 10/14/11

The first (but not last) attempt to clean out #OWS headquarters at Zuccotti Park in New York City. The day began with thousands of people marching into the square with intentions of defending it against the NYPD. But, the day would end with celebrations as Major [sic] Bloomberg called back the order.

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Occupy Comcast Sit-in

Remember last month when those crazy occupiers ran into the Comcast Building in Philadelphia? I was there on the scene, working alongside fellow Temple students with Occupy215.net

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The 65th Annual Oley Fair

The 65th Annual Oley Fair last weekend was more than just a night of delicious and traditional PA dutch food, livestock, amusements, arts, crafts and music; it was a chance for me to get to know the area my father grew up in more intimately.

This is part of a project on Small Towns in the United States for my Photojournalism Class at Temple University, we’re compiling the works of 16 students into a book on the towns they covered.

In Lenape Indian, "Oley" translates to "kettle," the shape of the region.

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