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Newsy: Four Months as a Philadelphia Inquirer Intern

Over the course of 4 months, I shot nearly 50 assignments for the Philadelphia Inquirer. This book is a collection of the photographs I took during that time.


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Stetson Shutterbugs

For an upcoming piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer, I had the opportunity to meet Tony Rocco, a professional photographer who now teaches computer education at Stetson Middle School in Kensington. With his love of photography, Rocco has started an after school program that teaches the children not only the basics of photography, but also changes the way they view the world. Giving them both digital and film cameras, he leads the procession of students (and some parents) around different parts of Philadelphia, and introduces them to various speakers and educators. His hope is to raise money to take some of the children down to his native-Columbia, where they might meet fellow young photography students of whom they are engaged in an exchange program, swapping pictures of their varying (and sometimes similar) lives in Philadelphia and Columbia.

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#OWS Zuccotti Park Cleanup 10/14/11

The first (but not last) attempt to clean out #OWS headquarters at Zuccotti Park in New York City. The day began with thousands of people marching into the square with intentions of defending it against the NYPD. But, the day would end with celebrations as Major [sic] Bloomberg called back the order.

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