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Norwegian Arms.


The 35th annual Human BBQ at Pi Lam in West Philadelphia was held on Saturday, April 6, 2013.

The lineup of bands ran from noon till midnight and featured the acts Cold Fronts, Norwegian Arms, DRGN King, Delicate Steve, Plates of Cake, Laser Background, Total Slacker and Banned books.

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The Hives at the Electric Factory

The Hives performed at the Electric Factory on Wednesday, June 20th. It was about 100 degrees outside and in. I don’t know how the band survived in those frilly suits, but none of them seemed to pass out from heat frustration, including the bald one.

Shot for Philly City Paper.

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Stetson Shutterbugs

For an upcoming piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer, I had the opportunity to meet Tony Rocco, a professional photographer who now teaches computer education at Stetson Middle School in Kensington. With his love of photography, Rocco has started an after school program that teaches the children not only the basics of photography, but also changes the way they view the world. Giving them both digital and film cameras, he leads the procession of students (and some parents) around different parts of Philadelphia, and introduces them to various speakers and educators. His hope is to raise money to take some of the children down to his native-Columbia, where they might meet fellow young photography students of whom they are engaged in an exchange program, swapping pictures of their varying (and sometimes similar) lives in Philadelphia and Columbia.

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