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Interview with Signal Hill

From left: Rishi Arora, Tim Cooper, Brian Vasallo, Dave Masters

From left: Rishi Arora, Tim Cooper, Brian Vasallo, Dave Masters

Interview conducted after Signal Hill’s show on Thursday, April 25, 2013 after their show at the North Star Bar, Philadelphia PA.

Tell me how you wrote ‘Corners’. Walk me through that again.

Dave Masters: So, Corners was initially going to be a 45 second interlude. It’s really actually pretty funny, Rishi and I wrote it one day and sent it over to Tim and Brian. Tim actually made the comment and said, ‘dude, I could listen to that riff over and over again for hours.’ And so, when they came out to finish working on the record, Brian was out getting a tattoo and we played through a couple songs, and we were like ‘let’s play riff for Tim and get him excited,’ and then some inspiration was drawn after everyone was in the room and we ended up making a 7 minute song out of what was going to be a 40-second interlude.

Tim Cooper: Which song?

DM: Corners.

TC: Oh yeah, that’s right.

DM: Brian was like, ‘Oh, I’m going to get a tattoo.’ Like…

TC: Like, ‘yo you’re in town for like a day and we have practice and you’re going to get a tattoo?’

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North End at Liberty Taproom

Instrumental rock and roll wizards entertain in Reading, PA.

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Signal Hill and North End in West Chester, PA

Brian (left) and Rishi bring the rock from California with Signal Hill.

Endless grooves with Signal Hill

Endless grooves with Signal Hill.

Russ Daniels of North End, an instrumental rock band from West Chester, PA.

Kevin Burk, human beat box, of North End

Signal Hill joins North End for one final toast...until next time.

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