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Norwegian Arms.


The 35th annual Human BBQ at Pi Lam in West Philadelphia was held on Saturday, April 6, 2013.

The lineup of bands ran from noon till midnight and featured the acts Cold Fronts, Norwegian Arms, DRGN King, Delicate Steve, Plates of Cake, Laser Background, Total Slacker and Banned books.

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Comic-Con, San Diego

Saturday July 14, 2012

Comic-Con turned downtown San Diego, “America’s Finest City,” into an everyman’s paradise. Costumed superheroes, anime-dreamed girlfriends, cosplayers, their parents, and some real-life celebrities crammed into the convention center and surrounding area, turning downtown into a comic book fantasy. It’s like the Hollywood walk of the stars for the children and children-at-heart to meet the fictional characters of their dreams. Just down Route 5, San Diego was open, welcome and flourishing to fans of art, comics, movies, and fantastical whimsy.

Peter Jackson was there with Martin Freeman to talk about the new Hobbit movie. (I wasn’t shooting for publication, so I wasn’t as intent on harassing the other photographers out of the way to get the shot. Elijah Wood was literally walking behind us for blocks. But seriously though, photographers are ruthless out here.) Photo opportunities were in surplus. It was easy to see how exhausting it is to be asked for a picture all day, as was the attitude of certain costumed peoples. But, why wear it if you don’t want to flaunt it?

Passes were long sold out, and I was clueless how to obtain media credentials out here, yet. But, just the surrounding area downtown was alive with life. You didn’t need to get inside to take part in the madness.

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Philly Barcraft @ Tir Na Nog

The aftermath of Atlantic City’s IGN Starcraft Tournament brought Ukrainian Starcraft professional, WhiteRa, as well as local players to Tir Na Nog in Center City, Philadelphia. Nearly 100 people were in attendance to spectate a Playhem tournament in which WhiteRa was a competitor. The Philly Barcraft is one of many events in eSports that are popping up in cities around the world.

Check out more Philly Barcraft action at, Facebook, and Twitter.

Whitera faces off against an opponent in the October 10th, Playhem tournament.

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The 65th Annual Oley Fair

The 65th Annual Oley Fair last weekend was more than just a night of delicious and traditional PA dutch food, livestock, amusements, arts, crafts and music; it was a chance for me to get to know the area my father grew up in more intimately.

This is part of a project on Small Towns in the United States for my Photojournalism Class at Temple University, we’re compiling the works of 16 students into a book on the towns they covered.

In Lenape Indian, "Oley" translates to "kettle," the shape of the region.

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Portrait Project


Officer McShane

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