Firth Street Fire

On Sunday, I was invited into the home of Tommasine Adams literally hours after a fire ravaged her mother’s home, killing 79-year-old Ardalia Bumpus and 4-year-old Nevaeh Craig. Adams and her family welcomed me in and allowed me to take photos of the gathering of family and friends. This was the first experience I’ve had a journalist where I’m asked to capture the emotion of ailing people. In years past I could have never put a camera to my eye, but this was different. They welcomed me in, told me stories, offered me food, and allowed me the privilege of showing the people of Philadelphia the true meaning of family. I’ve always been afraid that I would exploit the people I shoot, but I was wrong, I am merely the eye for all to see.

Philadelphia Inquirer Story here:

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One thought on “Firth Street Fire

  1. Linda Kauffman says:

    Good article and great pictures. You did a wonderful job of showing how important family in when tragedy strikes.

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