#OWS #N17 Rally in NYC

From 11/17/11

A pushing match with police in Zuccotti ends with the protestors reclaiming the park in which they call home. Protestors rip down barricades and dance upon the crumbled masses to the beat of drums and sounds of song.

The protestors first point of action in their return to Zuccotti Park was to disassemble the police barricades that separated them from their home.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has taken to the streets with increased vigor and vivacity today, as the 99% take to the streets in support of the N17 Global Day of Action. Beginning in the locked off Zuccotti Park, protestors marched amidst strong police presence down Wall Street with numbers in the thousands.

An early Tuesday morning NYPD raid issued by Mayor Bloomberg found the occupiers and their belongings kicked to the curb in Zuccotti Park.

Steven, an unemployed protestor, was angry but collected in regards to the police raid.

“As my Grandma said, raiding where someone sleeps during the night is something very much like Hitler would do,” he said.

Protestors express their discontent with various banks on Wall Street, as the Occupation movement makes their way around the financial district of Manhattan during the Global Day of Action.

“This is a peaceful protest!” the crowd chanted, pushing back against police who tried to cordon off the park. The protestors would eventually hold the line, and officers stood down due to the sheer number of the crowd.

Arrests were made at the intersection of Broad and Beaver Streets where police allowed only those with credentials through. More than a dozen were taken away in SWAT vans as protestors expressed their discontent with the officers. Cries for help by incarcerated persons inside the vehicle claimed the handcuffs were so tight on one protestor that her hands had turned purple. Despite this, the protesters were trucked off and the mass of people moved on.

The N17 Global Day Action, also the two-month anniversary of the beginning of the Occupation of Wall Street, is a call to “ring the people’s bell” and shut down Wall Street. In addition, protestors plan to take to the subways and converge en masse in Foley Square, and later, with numbers possibly in the tens of thousands, they hope to march on the bridges and celebrate their two-months of existence.

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