Washington D.C. – 9/11

I went down to Washington, D.C. for the 10 Anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Who I had hoped to talk to were people who had been directly affected by the attacks, because I was eager to hear their story. Instead, who I found were angry people demanding attention and retribution from the government. After being detained by the Secret Service police outside of the White House, I decided that spot wasn’t the friendliest to document my day.

Overall, D.C. was a great city that catered specifically to my bicycling needs. I’m still regretful that I didn’t document what I had intended to find, but nevertheless I am not disappointed, just a little surprised with what I found.

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One thought on “Washington D.C. – 9/11

  1. a very creative approach to 9.11 coverage. I definitely see your voice in all the photographs- a difficult task to accomplish. congrats for being unique in a sea of cliches.

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